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Specialist IT Support for businesses

By providing simple and robust IT solutions incorporating mobile and Cloud based technology we provide cost effective IT support. So whether you have 5 members in your team or 100 our help and support is only a phone call away – 01733 595200

Perfect for a small business

The first two steps. We recommend all your computers are using Windows 7 or above as an operating system. We would also upgrade all your computers to their maximum RAM that must be a minimum of 4GB. You are then ready to go. With Office 365 for your email, and ideally also for your Office software, you will have email available on all your devices, mobile phones etc without the need for an email server. For your data storage we recommend a small server that will sit quietly in your office allowing you to share data and control User access for confidential data. If you have a support contract with Walnut Technology we do not charge for the setting up of new systems and computers by our engineers.
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Investing in the right technology

Investing in the right technology can help your business by delivering cost reductions and process efficiencies, key priorities for any organisation, regardless of size or sector. Remote working, cloud computing and mobile technology are opportunities waiting to be exploited – we can guide you and your people to give you a competitive edge. Be ready for expansion Our consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience of products and platforms enabling us to help you make the transition to a bigger business. Whether you are employing more people or will soon have multiple locations, we can help. Within our consultancy service there is a range of analysis that can be conducted from stand alone areas to infrastructure and hardware consultancy package. You can tailor the focus of our investigations to areas with which you feel you need help including: • Disaster Recovery Planning • Security Analysis • Growth Requirement Specification • System Migration Planning • Technical Audit • Connectivity Audit • Internet Usage Monitoring
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Cloud computing...the future of computing

However, it is not the right solution for everything now and an assessment of your requirements is required before a recommendation can be made. We use Cloud computing to operate some aspects of our business and for other requirements we have a servers in our data centre. Cloud based solutions can provide reliable data backup, access to single programs such as SAGE accounting software or even your entire IT platform, all without costs associated with having the infrastructure within your office. Walnut Technology recommends Cloud computing where appropriate. It is often a combination of the Cloud and use of a local servers that provides the best and most versatile solution. Cloud based solutions such as Office 365 which offers an excellent email solution that can also keep your Microsoft Office software up to date is a good example of the way forward. Some of our clients want the best of both worlds. Not having servers in their offices but they want to know where their data is stored. For this we recommend our own data centre where we use Virtualised servers for websites, data storage and email solutions. Benefits of a Cloud system include: • Very good reliability • Flexibility for remote workers • Business continuity benefits • Cost savings on hardware and software • Available on ‘Pay as you go’ basis for high power computing requirements
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